Spanglish Poetry


I eat tacos for breakfast
during week days
antes de entrar a trabajar.

Una lady los cocina
mientras chismea
con otras ladies.

While I wait I listen:
her son tiene una infección en los ojos,
she says parece tener sangre en la mirada.

She always has something to say
about her vecina, a girl named Sonia,
who went away from her casa,
three weeks ago.

I order tacos de barbacoa y chicharrón.
¿Tortilla de harina?,
she asks me.
I say yes, por favor.

-Jeff Gonzales (del poemario At work)



I’ve never seen a costumer face.
Most of them must be white.
By the voice
african-americans and chicanos
are easy to recognized.

I am not allow to hung up on them.
So I listen politely.
Senior citizens can be hard to handle,
the good thing is that most of them are funny.

An old guy from Michigan
did not stop talking for half an hour
about golf, women, and money.

When I answer
some of them think I am a recording.
I made a joke once to a lady
when she asked if I was recording:
I told her "Yes, I am".

-Jeff Gonzales (del poemario At work)

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